Insufficient milk production can be understood by the concern of the baby after feeding. For a hungry child typical search reflex (after holding a finger on the chin, little mouth pulls to one side "the alleged breast"). In addition, the malnourished child is gaining slightly in weight.
For the production of breast milk is influenced by many factors – pregnancy and nutrition during it, the disease and individual features of the structure of the mammary glands. But most of the lactation (milk production) encourages early breastfeeding (immediately after birth), nutrition of the mother and the regular pumping after and between feedings.
In the first hours after birth baby need enough of milk. However, when he needs a full amount of food, the mammary gland must produce the required quantity. To do this several times a day to pump milk, even a miniscule amount, which will gradually increase to larger quantities.
The appearance of the milk should not lull the vigilance of the nursing mothers, since it can disappear as quickly as they appeared. And recovery of breast milk takes time. To avoid this, after each feeding the breast should be fully decanted to until the breast become soft and empty to the touch.
To increase milk production, it is often necessary to attach the baby to your breast (about 8 times a day). After feedings and in between fully Express milk. It stimulates the ducts of the mammary glands and boosts lactation. Half an hour before each feeding to drink a glass of sweet drink – weak tea, compote or juice. During the day, eat a substantial protein food – milk, cheese, sour cream, cheese and meat. To restore breast milk is helpful to drink at least 8 to 10 days vitamin PP (nicotinic acid), 1 tablet 15-20 minutes before feeding.
Usually for normal lactation rather frequent pumping and good nutrition. However, if all taken measures do not give the desired result, perhaps the pumping is carried out incorrectly or there are individual characteristics, inhibiting the production of milk. In this case, you must consult a doctor.