There is a myth that breastfeeding is not capable of every second woman. However, doctors believe that there is no "non-dairy" mom, because the woman naturally feeding the baby from the first days of his life.

Lactation is an incredibly complex process associated with many systems in the body. For example, the higher nervous activity of a man directly responsible for the formation of maternal instinct in women. The signals of nerve fibers enter the brain, namely the pituitary gland, which is responsible for hormone production. The main hormone - prolactin, the Breasts has the ability to quickly fill with milk. But if a failure occurs at some stage, it can disrupt the whole process of lactation and upwards, and downwards.

The enemies of milk - fatigue, depression, nervous breakdowns, stresses. Think only about yourself and your child, become selfish, at least temporarily. No such worries and problems that can not move or shift onto the shoulders of loved ones. Stress and the hormone responsible for breast milk (prolactin), completely unrelated, but stress can greatly affect another hormone, oxytocin, causing milk to leak from Breasts. This biological mechanism (the so-called "reflex oxytocin") prevents the flow of milk in tense and difficult moments. The primitive mother, with a baby in her arms escaping from danger, the milk flow was abruptly stopped. Calm the flow of milk was resumed. And women when frightened, tension, excitement and pain, the milk is blocked and does not drain. If a nursing mother does not calm down, there is stagnation, burnout, milk, lactation fades away.

One reason for the lack of milk may be cesarean section, the use of painkillers in childbirth and drugs for uterine contractions after childbirth. But that is no reason not to put the baby to the breast. Sucking directly stimulates nerve endings in the skin on the nipple, they send signals to the pituitary gland, which will gradually respond by the production of hormones, and the milk will still arrive.

Improper technique of breastfeeding can also reduce the amount of milk. Keep the kid captured the whole aura of the nipple to the chest did not press his nose to suck, tightly clasping lips. In the first month, try to feed the baby as often as possible, and if he fell asleep at the breast, touch the cheek and Wake him up. Then the child will eat, and the milk will start to produce in sufficient quantity. If a woman is experiencing pain from rubs and cracks on the nipples – that's no reason to stop feeding or reduce the number of breast feedings. Situation can save a healing cream and a special silicone tips for breast.

Milk may be lost after a long break in feeding, serious disease of women and surgery on the mammary gland before or after birth). Oral contraceptives also sometimes provokes the reduction of lactation. Breast-feeding should refrain from taking the pills containing estrogen (male sex) hormones, and to use contraception, including the minimum number of only one female hormone of progestogen. Or even switch to a barrier method of contraception.

And, of course, the nursing mother and her baby needed a good rest, regular walks outdoors, healthy eating, sleep. And then milk will be fine.