With increasing selection of different models of bikes the majority of buyers are unable to choose the right two-wheeled friend.

You need to know the following parameters:

  1. Its growth;
  2. Your weight.

Then you must decide on the style of riding, and depending on this type of bike.

Selection depending on growth. To accurately measure your growth, you have to do it barefoot. Your real growth needs to know in order not to make a mistake in choosing the right size bike.

Picking up the bike, you need to look at dimensional grid of a particular firm. These tables are compiled by the manufacturers themselves.

When buying on the Internet will be useful for design method selection of available sizes. In order to choose the right bike, you will need to measure the height from the groin to the floor, and this value multiply by 0.66 to 0.57 percent for roadies or mountain bike type. Received - this is the length. To convert to inches you need to divide by 2.54.

Choice depending on weight. If you weigh less than 80 kg is not advisable to buy a bike with a long seatpost.

If you weigh more than 80 kg, you should not buy a big fast bike the seat tube because it will be difficult to cope with such a bike, you will tire quickly, and high speeds on this bike to develop you will not succeed. It is preferable to hire mountain or city bike. On these models you will ride in a more upright position, and back will become less tense.

Selection of bike depending on riding style and terrain. For the city: city, cruiser, folding bike.

For a more active riding: road bikes, suspension, hardtail, hybrids, mountain MTB.

For stunts: will fit a bike with a low frame, two sizes smaller than the calculated available sizes.

When choosing two-wheeled friend beware of cheap models with strange shape frame. These bikes are made of cheap and low-quality parts. The primary function of these bikes is to attract your attention. Remember that, in order not to have to spend more on repairs or buying a new bike.