Bike for getting around the city – perfect! It allows you to comfortably navigate through the streets, avoiding traffic jams and travel on public transport. The cyclist has a unique opportunity to give a good workout to the muscles, cardiovascular system and not to cause harm to the environment.

Features of city bikes

Bike for the city designed for movement on the asphalt surface, so the main features of its construction will be in the form of a typical steering, a comfortable seat and smooth wheel.

When choosing a model bike for an adult it is important to focus not only on the attractiveness of its design, although this factor is very important. In the first place, it is necessary to pay special attention to the frame – it may be understated, which is convenient for women, or as high, closed for men.

From the material of the frame will depend on the security of the person and the weight of the bike. Aluminum frames are mild, but they easily deform in the event of a collision of a Bicycle with an obstacle. Steel frames are more reliable but they are much heavier bike and make it more difficult to control and carry.

Saddle city bikes have extra comfort and ease due to the fact that they are made somewhat wider than the seat sport bike. For the formation of a proper fit saddle is adjustable in height and angle.

The characteristic of urban Bicycle sports are smooth wheels. Tires usually don't produce hum and noise, do not have special hooks for riding on dirt or sand.

High and comfortable, the steering wheel provides a direct fit with no tension in the hands. Unlike the bikes for athletes, the steering wheel has a curved shape; often city bikes are equipped with basket that is attached to the steering wheel and allows you to carry lightweight Luggage.

Rules for the selection of urban bike

First of all should pay attention to the labeling of the frame – its size based on rider height. The coding frame can be both in inches and in centimeters. For proper selection of the frame should stand on the side of the bike or sit on top – the distance from the top tube and the crotch shall not be less than 10 cm.

As a rule, it is recommended to choose a frame with a height of 14-16 inches for people with the growth of 140-165 cm, and 18-20 inches for cyclists increase from 160 to 185 cm Frame height 22 inches suitable for people with a height more than 190 cm

The diameter of the wheels of the bike could be 26 or 28 inches. On large wheels is easier to overcome possible obstacles on the road – the bumps, curbs, etc. However, a 26-inch wheel more maneuverable and manageable.

The transmission is preferably a multi-stage, with closed sleeve. It will provide a comfortable ride in the urban landscape, when UPS can alternate with descents. Covered with a special flap sleeve will protect the parts from dirt.

Choosing a bike for the city, always check its brake system: typically, the city models are equipped with foot brakes, some bikes are additionally equipped with a front hand brake.