Correctly pick up the bike with the growth of its future owner. Bike for a teenager needs to be a complete equivalent model for adults, but smaller in size. Sitting behind the wheel, the teenager needs to touch the pedal at bottom dead center straightened leg. In most cases, the bike can be tailored to the specific user, adjusting handlebar height and seat. While driving, the teenager should feel comfortable and confident.
Please note that the bike must have shield circuit. Otherwise, the pants of a teenager can get caught between chain and sprocket, which always causes a lot of unpleasant consequences.
Check the brakes of the bike. The vehicle must be equipped with not only the foot, but also a reliable hand brake. Best of all, if the drive brakes will be displayed both on the front and on the rear wheel. For a teenager the reliability of the brake system of the Bicycle is of paramount importance, especially when riding in urban environments.
Choosing the bike for a teenager, pay attention to its speed characteristics. Teenagers tend fascination with speed and desire to compete among themselves. The best speed show light-weight models. Modern technologies give the opportunity to apply in the design of the Bicycle material, which has both lightness and strength. Well established Bicycle frame which is made of chromoly or aluminum alloy.
Inspect the vehicle you. The Bicycle must have reflective elements and good absorbers. Also desirable trunk holder for flasks, and additional useful accessories in the form of a pump or valuepack.
Allow your teen to try out the bike in motion. Because to operate a vehicle will have it, your child will be able to immediately determine how comfortable it will feel when riding.