The frame size is determined in inches and are specified as numeric or alphabetic designation. Frame 13-14 inches corresponds to size XS, 14-16 inches correspond to the size of S, 16 to 20 inch fit the size M, 18-22 inch – size L, 20 "- 24 "– size XL 22 "- 24 " – size XXL.
You can determine the size based on different distances of the frame. It may be the distance from the top tube to the centre of the carriage, the distance from the middle of the carriage to the end of the pipe under the saddle, and also this can be the length of the seat tube. Since most manufacturers indicate the approximate dimensions you should first focus on personal experience, having tasted the convenience of the bikeand myself.
Correctly identify a bike frame snap. Try to stand over the bikeom, sit on it, pedal, and if it's possible to ride and slow down.
The bike fits you only when you are performing these actions, do not feel the slightest discomfort – the legs are easy to get how to pedal and to the ground, the body conveniently tilted relative to the steering wheel, you can easily slow down, and so on. Standing on the ground, make sure that from the frame top tube and the crotch was at least eight inches.
If you are going to drive at high speed, choose a low-slung, but if at low speed high. Also the bike fits you for growthif you bent the arms freely to get the helm without taking an uncomfortable position, too much bending over or leaning back from the wheel.