Why you need a bike?

It seemed such a simple question should not cause difficulties whoever has recently going to buy the "iron horse". However, thinking is. After all, the ultimate goal depends on what you what brand is better able to meet your needs. Rarely any firm producing this product, manages to surpass its competitors in several positions.

It is also worth to define the budget that you are willing to spend to buy a quality bike. After all, as many believe, these two points are closely interrelated. While the first is to find out whether this is so.

Domestic manufacturer

Russian bikes - not the last in the world ranking of quality. And if you're a patriot of his country - the option of purchasing domestic product - exactly what you need

If you choose a bike for your child, then the guarantee of its safety, you can provide the company Atom. Their bikes are really safe. Quality sealed tyres will protect against unforeseen situations on the road, and the strong frame is made on the same grounds as that of famous brands, GT and TREK. The price of these bikes is much lower.

Forward is another well-known Russian manufacturer. A brand is much more popular the previous one, but the quality of some models is poor. Mountain bikes and BMX at this company to buy is not necessary, as the depreciation and brakes, which manufactures the company is not too good. But if you need an ordinary "walking" the bike, designed for riding on smooth asphalt, it is excellent value for money and quality.

Bikes American companies

Real quality can be called the bikes of the brand Scott. The fact that this firm is not just a supplier and is not engaged in the Assembly of the Bicycle parts. Since 1986, Scott has been developing its own model. They still surprise the world with their the engineering. Their pendants are the most easy in the world. For professional Cycling or formidable landscape, this brand fit just right. However, this is the case when for the brand and quality you have to pay.

The complete opposite of Scott brand is Wels. This is an inexpensive bike from America, which can be used similarly to a Bicycle Forward. But unlike the Russian company Wels limited to the production of children's and "urban" models.

German quality

The famous German company Cube produces, perhaps the best quality bikes in the world. Each model of this company is the premium model and is developed from start to finish using the latest technologies in the field of Bicycle engineering. Cube cooperates with the company Velotech, which is known for the production of Bicycle accessories, in addition, is Velotech Cycling safety products. That is why products Cube has worked well from this position.