Variety of bicycles

In specialized stores offers a wide selection of different models of bicycles that are suitable for different conditions and purposes of use.

Road bikes are designed for trips around town at low speeds. Basically, the presented model with several speed modes. This is a variant of the bike for travel on smooth, paved roads. When choosing a bike, remember that the fit assumes a straight position of the back discomfort on long rides.

One of the varieties of these comfortable bikes are considered to be models that improved. They allow you to ride outside the city on rough roads, however, also not at the highest speeds.

Another kind of road bikes – cruisers that have little different characteristics, but attracted to their interesting design.

The following similar types of bikes – road racing. They are also designed for travel on flat roads, but develop high speed. It is a kind of racing bikes. Due to the too narrow tires to ride on the road outside of the city are impossible.

The opposite of normal is considered road mountain bikes designed specifically for riding on rough terrain. All components of this bike more durable and can withstand all loads from uneven road surfaces. Mountain bikes can be with one or two shock absorbers, softening the slopes, lifts and other features of the terrain of the mountain trails.

Specifically for various stunts on rough terrain designed bicycles BMX and hardtail. They are designed for such extreme sports like bike-cross, trial, country-cross, slalom, street bike. They are not used for conventional Cycling, and therefore interested in them.

There are also special cars that represent the combination of mountain and road bikes. They can go on various road options. From mountain bikes, they took a solid construction, shifters, and brake system. From city bikes they got the wheel, various additional elements in the entryway, boot, speed limits and other details.


From the technical characteristics that are important when choosing a bike, we usually see:

- Frame material (durable and lightweight aluminum, cheaper, but heavy steel, light, strong, and expensive titanium, modern lightweight and durable carbon). It should be noted that the smaller variety of plastic parts in the design of the bike, the better.

- Diameter and width wheels depending on the intended use of the bike. The principle of any design is that the wider the wheel, the better the maneuverability of the bike, but lower his speed.

- Conventional or disc brakes. For recreational, urban and country walks suitable conventional brakes, for extreme sports – disc.

- Wheel rim, responsible for its rigidity. Single rim ideal for urban commuting on flat roads. More durable double rim ensures greater reliability and is suitable for travel over rough terrain.

High - speed characteristics.

What else to pay attention?

When buying a bike should be based not only on the purposes for which it is needed, but also on other characteristics, among which the personal characteristics of the cyclist. So if a person weighs more than 130 kg, you need to look for a more durable model with a reinforced frame. Also take into account the growth of owner: you want the foot being on the pedal in the lower position, the fully unbent, and the owner needs to stand over the frame (legs on the floor separated on both sides from the frame).

It is better to choose models of those firms which spetsializiruyutsya only in the production of bicycles. They are more reliable and guarantee the absence of failures. Among them are companies such as Merida, Silverback, Giant, Stevens, Corratec, Scott, Lapierre, Cube, and some others. It is advisable to purchase the bike at a specialized bike store, which cooperates with the repair shop. In the popular network of sports goods are usually sold not the best quality bikes at very high prices.

When buying it is advisable to try to ride a bike to appreciate the convenience and comfort when traveling. If there are any questions, a consultant in a specialty store will help with the settings of the bike or selecting a different option.