If you notice on the trees clusters of green, black, grey or brown small insects, the white blotches on the leaves, the falling of the formed buds, then this is a sure sign that they settled aphids. Novice gardeners believe that such small insects can cause great harm to the plants, but it is not. If time does not start fighting with aphids, the consequences can be very sad:

- aphids - vectors of various diseases, the rejection of the treatment of trees, special preparations may lead to the death of a garden;

- clusters of aphids are able for a short time to suck all the juices from the leaves, thereby depriving the tree of life, and a decent crop;

- these insects often "settle" on the tops of the plants (poisoning the branches of their poisons) that leads to a violation of the right development and growth;

- aphids reproduce very quickly, in one summer season, this insect gives up to 20 generations.

If you neglect prevention from these pests or not treated with special agents already diseased plants, then you can lose not only their garden, but to lose a large part of the fruit from the garden, as aphids flooded the whole area. Remember, second and subsequent generation of aphids has wings that allow the insects to move easily over long distances.

How to deal with aphids on fruit trees folk remedies

To folk remedies can be attributed to the mechanical method of struggle, biological and chemical. Applies to mechanical removing insects by hand, for example, "churning" them out with a strong jet of water or otsyrevanie leaves or whole tops of their subsequent combustion. This option is appropriate if the aphids on the trees a bit, it must be combined with biological or chemical.

The biological method is the creation of an environment in which the aphid will be uncomfortable to live. Lacewing feed on aphids, ladybirds, some species of wasps and flies, to attract them we will land on the perimeter of the garden the green manure and nettles. Also love to eat aphids and birds, for example, goldcrests, linnets, warblers, wrens, and others. To attract these birds create favourable conditions for them - hang trough with feed near diseased trees, place waterers with water, birdhouses. Aphids loves to settle on viburnum, Linden, kosmea, nasturtiums, but near garlic, onions and chamomile is rarely possible to see data of pests. So make sure to favorite of aphids, the plants were growing away from fruit trees.

Chemical control techniques include handling of plant infusions, decoctions and chemicals. Proven folk remedy for aphids is spraying the trees with a homemade mix every three days for two weeks. Below are the three most common are:

In five liters of water, spread two pieces of soap, add three tablespoons of baking soda, stir.

- Grind the tops of potatoes and tomatoes, fill it bucket and fill with water. Let it brew during the day in a warm place, strain.

- Grind in a blender the garlic, cover the garlic with five liters of water, add 100 ml of liquid soap, stir.

Remember, spraying the trees to spend your evening in calm and dry weather. It is important to carefully handle the leaves, not to forget about the lower part of them.