The fight against aphids should be systematic and permanent, only in the case of ETM, it is possible to hope for success. Funds from aphids can be bought in the shop "Nature", and you can try traditional methods.

What it is – aphids on the plants?

This pest is not so easy to detect, so it is discreet and inconspicuous. Aphids on a flower can have a different color, masking it under the color of the foliage, stems, and ovaries.

Overwintering takes place in the stage of eggs in the spring quickly comes to growth and affects young tender leaves and stalks first. The danger of this pest predstavljaet its ability to quickly multiply and literally suck all the juices from the plant.

The affected leaves and buds to wither and fall away. In severe cases of aphids flowers and stems, and the entire rose Bush die.

Aphids on a flower - what to do?

For the treatment of rose bushes against aphids, you can use different, including folk remedies. Among them there are many quite simple and does not require lengthy preparation:

  • You can mechanically remove colonies of aphids on the flowers, picking up a piece of cloth and methodically destroying its accumulations.
  • A jet of water will also wash away the pest, but these methods should not be used too often, and with a large number of rose bushes it is unproductive.
  • Kills aphids ash: copiously sprinkle the bushes, but remember that this tool can cause burns to the plants. More convenient to use the infusion of ash – lye with the addition of a solution of a shaving soap. The bushes should be sprayed in the morning, in clear calm weather.
  • Good help and infusions of herbs, especially celandine and nettle. They need to pour water and insist night, then strain and spray the rose bushes with a spray bottle.

To avoid outbreaks of this pest have in the fall remove all fallen leaves from under the bushes, spray the rose bushes with urea, while in summer, during active growth of the bushes, be sure plenty of water the soil under them.

In fact, to deal with aphids on the plants in the garden the box, you can, but you need to do it systematically.