Especially often over time the undesirable change in her figure to notice women. Many this is surprising, because diet and activity level did not seem to have changed. The fact of the matter is that over the years people change, and so changes are needed and the menu. Nutritionists reveal the secrets of how at any age to stay beautiful and slim. To do this, we just need to correctly adjust your diet.

Food ladies over 30

After this milestone the pace of life, many stabiliziruemost, motor activity is reduced, food becomes abundant and regular. In addition, natural processes in the body prevail, and the rate of exchange is significantly reduced. Many women by this time become mothers - it also affects the figure.

Modifying dietary habits can become leaner even at the same level of activity. You can start with the simplest: drink plenty of water (2-3 liters per day). Good idea to practice fasting days, once every 1-2 weeks. It is better to limit the consumption of fatty meat and heavy food and prefer fish and vegetables, especially for dinner. Need to reduce the total calories by about 500 calories per day. This is not so hard to achieve: less bread, sauces, sweets, bread, tea and unhealthy snacks - and success is assured.

Principles of nutrition for 40 years

Is not recommended to lose weight at this age, it is better to focus on a systematic reduction of weight and saving by reducing caloric content and methods of acceleration of the exchange.

First, it is necessary to limit sugar and sweet. Flour is allowed to eat only at Breakfast. Cut calories by another 150 units. Have to start to exercise. Perfect fit: swimming, running, aerobics, walking, gymnastics.

Meats is better to choose fish, to enrich the menu of fiber. From drinks the best option is green tea, unsweetened. Before bed useful a Cup of yogurt.

Diet for women over 50 years

Total calories with low activity should not exceed 1800 calories. Food should be based on the mode: a hearty Breakfast required, lunch is better to choose a lightweight, not comprehensive, the dinner should be easy.

Properly cooking food: boil, braise, bake, not fry. Of fatty meat forget to eat only lean meat and the best fish and poultry. Definitely a large number in the diet of vegetables, fruits and grain products. All the sweets are strictly limited to how and baking. Huge benefits for health and shape to provide adequate physical activity: dancing, Hiking, walking, Cycling.