To lose 10 years of 45-year-old man a lot easier if he cares about your health. Men are easier because their body does not undergo age-related hormonal changes that happen in women.

A healthy lifestyle

To put any man to look 45 at 35, enough to abandon bad habits and follow a simple regime. First and foremost, forget about cigarettes and alcohol. Alcoholic beverages spoil the complexion and cause swelling.

The young man can't be sluggish. For energy and maintenance of a tone need to be friends with sports. It can be a regular targeted workouts in the gym, regular jogs or active Hobbies – boating, climbing, diving.

In addition, look young man, after 45 years helping the self-development. Spirituality has a positive effect on psychological health, keeping love for life and friendly attitude to people.

Beauty treatments

Anyway, and without the AIDS is pretty hard man to look 45 at 35. So you should visit a cosmetics store and did not hesitate to choose products for your skin type. Men need a gel cleanser, preferably with exfoliating particles. Another cooling cream, anti-wrinkle serum for eyelids, colorless lip balm.

The owners of dry skin should buy it in a bottle with a sprayer. This tool is sprayed on the face several times a day.

Charging for face

One of the factors that prevent to lose 10 years to the man over 40, is the swelling and loss of muscle tone. In addition to a balanced diet that excludes salt, spicy and fried requires special exercises.

Positively on the appearance of skin affected by respiratory complexes like yoga and body Flex. They help to resist the effect of gravity, lifting the facial contours.

To perform exercises for the face you need on a daily basis – morning and evening. In addition, you must monitor the drinking regime. It means not just to hydrate but to do it correctly. In any case, you can not drink water right before eating or to wash down the food.

Advice stylists

If a man wants to look younger than his years, he have to dress expensive and stylish. Faded jeans, t-shirts with flippant pictures and baseball caps are best left to teenagers.

At 45 years old is not prohibited, sporty, but still worth to give preference to discreet classics. The ideal solution would be to combine the two styles. This will give the appearance of a man of elegant negligence.