Laptops and netbooks are different, but the mounting of the keys they are basically the same. Look at the place where once stood the key and you will see a few snaps and a couple notches under the rocker lugs. Rocker is the latch, consisting of two parts connected by the hinge in the middle and form the letter "X". With the aid of a rocker button mounted to the keyboard.
Quite often, the key pulls out with the rocker. In this case, you must first disconnect from the caps key button simultaneously, set button simultaneously to its place on the keyboard, and then to return into place and press. To do this, take it (key), remove the latch with one hand and bring the antennae of the rocker grooves on the second side key.
You will receive two parts: a button simultaneously and the cover key. On the keyboard you will see three eyelet (one big, the other two smaller).
If the mount is bent, vignette them in the correct position. Much of the mounting do not bend as they are aluminum and can break – then the repair will be complicated.
Install the keyboard button simultaneously. To do this, insert a large eyelet, get a light press button simultaneously on the two small mounts. After installation of the rocker you can put back and the lid key ledges on a swing get into the grooves of the caps. Then you need to act carefully, try not to miss.
Next, make sure that the lugs rocker came into the grooves and secure the key in place by lightly pressing on the top part of it – you will hear a click – this means that key back in place.
Big keys (Shift, Tab, Enter, Caps Lock) are in addition to the plastic rocker to have a metal stabilizer in the form of brackets for uniform pressing. On the substrate, the keys a couple of additional tabs to secure the stabilizer. And the rest of the design of the large keys is the same as in young.
First insert the ends of the stabilizer, then the lower rocker antennae get in the grooves, then put the key in place by lightly pressing. The Space key (Space) is always the longest. She holds not one but two your jumperoo and one stabilizer. To set it in place just like Shift, Tab, Enter, and others with a stabilizer.