To disassemble the keyboard we have in different occasions. For example, it may have gotten clogged and some keys started unpleasantly sticky. Or you filled the keyboard with something sticky, and you need to clean the contacts. So first of all you need to turn off the laptop and remove its battery. Each button on the laptop is secured by a special mechanism, called microsoftie. Buttons of different functionality have different mounts, so when removing the plastic part is better to postpone together with the mount.
Start to disassemble the keyboard of a laptop with the letters on the keyboard. First, you you just flip the plastic button and see before you two mounts. To remove them you can use a dental probe and tweezers. Mounting must be otmachivat top, where the lifter is fixed vertically. Side mounts are more fragile, so when removing, you can damage the side lugs. In any case, do not try to remove all microsofty at the same time, it is better to spend more time, but to do it qualitatively.
As soon as the letter keys will be finished, you can move the buttons with mounts of a different type. Buttons PgUp and PgDn, the cursor and the button E is kept white and black mounts. Removing the plastic key, you will see a white mount. You need to bring the lugs from the hooks, which are located on the left at the top and bottom. The button and the Shift button are removed in a similar way, except that buttons are blank two lifter instead of one. Then you can proceed to the buttons of the last group. This button is alt, fn, ctrl, and win. You draw from the hooks of the lugs, which are located on the right top and bottom.
As soon as all the buttons on the keypad will be on the table, you will need to remove the black stencil, where each button corresponds to a triangular rubber band. Below it is film based. On this three-layer basis and are pads that closes when the liquid enters them. To act for this step very carefully, as the layers of film bases are very fragile and easily torn. If you have no experience with such delicate mechanisms, we recommend that you give laptop repair in specialized service.