But if suddenly failed keyboard conventional desktop computer, in which case substitute by asking a friend or neighbor with a laptop, things are much more difficult. Fortunately, in some cases it can be repaired, with proper interest and care, and presenting your head in the approximate order of actions. Consider the most common problem with keyboard failure caused by exposure to any liquid.
First, immediately turn off the laptop, disconnect the power supply and then remove the battery.
Then safely disconnect from the laptop keyboard and rinse it with water, but do not use any cleaners not to damage the wirings and the insulation of the conductors. Next dry the keyboard, reinstall and check if it works. Drying it takes a long time: about a day it must lie in a moderately warm place protected from direct sunlight. To speed up the drying can fan. Remember: if the surface moisture no, it does not mean that it is not under the buttons.
If your keyboard still refuses to work (partially or fully), it still can be fixed. To do this, recover the wirings. In computer shops sell a special conductive paint. However, if you couldn't find her anywhere, try to try his luck in the showroom, asking there if they have the liquid to repair the filaments of the heated rear window. Such a fluid will be fine.
Note the location of the keys, having a keyboard or at least writing on the sheet the location of all keys. Next, proceed to their removal. This is easily done with a dental hook or a thin hour screw-driver. Then remove the elevators that serve for fastening on them keys. You will gain access to the plastic tabs located on the track of aluminum. On them and are applied to the wirings. If they are glued, use a Hairdryer to heat and gently bring them to share.
Apply the paint to the damaged areas of conductor paths, then dry the keyboard, and then assemble it by performing these steps in reverse order and check the keyboard.