The keyboard can be cleaned in different ways, but it is best to combine several of them. Start with cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, but the dust and garbage must not to suck, but on the contrary to blow. Then all settled down on the button, the contacts between the buttons and blown out instead of having to settle on the inside of the device.
In the free market not so long ago there was a little vacuum cleaner for the keyboard, but it is worth considering that their power is too weak for a thorough cleaning of the contacts and rubbers under the buttons.
In specialized stores you can find wipes for the care of the laptop and brush. Brush removed the dirt between the keys, and wipes – cleaned the buttons. This is considered to be shallow, and cleaned, thus, the input device need every 2-3 days.
The standard set for cleaning the laptop keyboard consists of a small brush, cleaning fluid and wipes. Using this kit, you will need a thorough cleaning of the input device at the service center.
You can gently remove the keys with a screwdriver, clean contacts. To do this, unplug the laptop from power, remove the battery, remove the key, the elevators and the film absorption. The elevators are attached to the key in four places, removing them, care should be taken to avoid fracture in places of fastening of the two parts. The design of the keyboard may be different and not always lift the same is removed, often the Elevator will need to submit a forward to one of its fastenings to withdraw from the engagement.
If the button appeared together with a lift, remove the lift, insert it back into the keyboard, wipe the dirt, and then reinstall key. To do this press attach it to the place where she was, that is not above or below that position and start to snap upwards.
Be sure to wipe clean, inspect the wirings. If you find damage, you must restore them, it is better not to do it yourself, but to give the laptop to the service center.