You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - flat screwdriver;
  • needle.
The keyboard of the laptop, usually secured by two main methods: by means of special latches or screws. Prepare the tools needed for removing the keyboard.
Disconnect your computer from AC power. Now remove the battery pack, so as not to cause a short in the repair process of the device. Find out the product line to which your mobile computer.
In laptops the Acer Extensa or TravelMate keyboard is attached by several screws. With screwdriver flat-blade or metal blade remove the panel located between the keyboard and the matrix of the mobile computer.
To do this, carefully detach a few snaps. After removing the panel, Unscrew the fixing screws, using a Phillips screwdriver. Now slightly slide the keyboard toward the display. Carefully lift the side on which were screws. Remove the keyboard and unplug the ribbon cable put forward a white plastic frame.
In mobile computers series Acer Aspire keyboard is attached with latches. Gently push mount, located near the Escape key, to the side of the matrix. Lift the edge of the keyboard.
Similarly remove the second upper edge of the panel. The third latch may be in the middle of the keyboard. Sometimes she's a little biased towards. Remove the print panel after you unlock all the mounts.
Pry up the black frame holding the train. Disconnect the cables from the system Board. Connect the ribbon cable of the new keyboard and install a printed panel. If you use a keyboard from another laptop model in the process of operation can cause a small gap. To remedy this problem, place a thin cloth under the print panel.