You can come up with many options for home business. Here are some of them:

1) Manufacture of chocolate. Chocolate is a delicious product, capable to cheer up everyone. Few can say that doesn't love chocolate products. Besides, chocolate is often presented for the holidays in addition to the colors. You may make good money. Various pastry recipes you can find on the Internet. If you include the imagination and carry out experiments, it is possible to create your own unique recipe. You can make a large range of chocolate: dark, bitter, milk, with nuts or dried fruit, etc. If the product will get really tasty, the problems in the sale will not occur. You can offer products in small kiosks or coffee shops.

2) the Organization visits. Among young people it is possible to find a large number of those who are shy to meet the opposite sex. To help such shy people can come for a specialized Agency. Representatives of agencies that arrange unusual dates in different places. While the Agency can assist in finding a spouse. This business idea has appeared relatively recently, so competitors will be a little. To organize such an Agency, you must have a good imagination. The usual place for meetings, for example, a restaurant or a cinema, will not do. Interesting will be such a meeting:

  • Hiking in the mountains with evening gatherings around the campfire and overnight in tent;
  • rafting on the river in a kayak;
  • walk in a carriage or on horseback;
  • the date on the roof of high-rise buildings.

These are just some of the possible options. To get positive feedback, you can arrange a few dates free. Advertising can be arranged independently: to distribute pamphlets in schools, distribute them on the streets and in parks.

For such a business do not have to rent an office and register SP. Enough to have a computer and Internet access. These ideas are best implemented in small towns, where competition is low. You can come up with other options of business at home, you need only consider their own interests and capabilities.