The choice of fish

Easier to grow carp - they are hardy and undemanding, they fit most bodies of water, if desired, they can be grown even at home. But the trout are more sensitive fish that you want to create in the reservoir certain conditions, can not do without an experienced qualified fishery. Cost of cultivation will be nearly the same, only trout in the markets is three times higher than carp.

If conditions allow, it is possible to breed and carp, and trout. If conditions do not allow, you have to choose one variety.

Today fish farming as a business in great demand. It is a profitable business, because entrepreneurs, fish farmers do not pay VAT, social tax, taxes on profit, they operate on a single agricultural tax.

Optimal conditions

Fish health and their growth depends on temperature, saturation of water with oxygen, equilibrium of a closed biological system, level of acidity. Entrepreneurs should be aware that few by the pond, run back the fish, then catch it and profitable to sell. Fish farming business difficult, because the work comes with a "live food".

Feeding and treatment

The purchase of feed in the fish business is one of the biggest items of expenditure. When growing carp need food, sold at a price of 8-10 rubles per kilo. But for trout, this food is not suitable, because of it the fish is white meat, the demand for it is low. For trout you want to choose high-quality German food, they are worth an average of 0.7 Euro per kilo.

Diseases and epidemics - a major risk. Three times a month it is necessary to make a test capture to see what the gills of fish and the internal organs. If required, it is necessary to timely carry out treatment: give fish medical foods with immune-strengthening medications and antibiotics. If you miss the beginning of the epidemic, all grown livestock can be destroyed.

Economy and economy

If grown trout, then it is better to buy fertilized eggs from further incubation. If you are an inexperienced fish breeder, it is advisable to acquire a landing trout and landing carp. Pounds of trout will cost 250-400 rubles, carp - 60. Written off 10% for losses, surviving fry after 2.5 years released fish weighing from 800g, they can already start selling at a bargain price.

The disadvantage of the fishing business is that the investment pays off long. But you can speed up the process by buying a two-year fish for breeding, it can be fattened for the season.

Features of sales

Here you can face certain problems: competition, lower demand, a complicated relationship with merchants. In 10% of stores have aquariums that are equipped for the sale of live fish. Usually stores have to pay after implementation. Consequently, the payments received after 7-30 days - this can lead to accounts payable.

In General, a novice fish breeder is not recommended immediately to begin building a great business is first to establish the smooth implementation of the fish. And, of course, do not expect to immediately a lot of income.