Of course, I must say that at the moment on the planet, more and more people are suffering psychological illness, in particular, many are stressed due to hectic schedules and the fast pace of life in General.

So, suicide is the people with suicidal tendency. It is noteworthy that, as a rule, such people don't kill themselves the first time, they prefer to maim themselves and pushed to the brink, without crossing the line.

Most often suicides are teenagers that are under the formation of personality, when all around them seem to be enemies when they think that nobody understands them and does not support. Often adolescents are not quite so illusive, they are very real. Bullying from peers, the indifference of the house, and a big load at school, all this forms have not yet accomplished person the desire to end it all and the only way out for them is death.

What you need in order to save your child from obsessive thoughts about suicide? The only thing in this situation can do a parent is give the child as much love as possible.

Positive emotions are able to drive away gloomy thoughts, and to protect the younger generation from the fatal error.