The need for privacy

The isolation of man and his unwillingness to communicate with friends and family can testify about the appearance of suicidal thoughts. If earlier people were gregarious and loved meeting people, engaged in active sports, creativity and different extraordinarily, he could not without reason to change. Therefore, his life has been an accident, pushing on the path of suicide. To prevent this, you need to be interested in the reasons of privacy friends. One should clearly distinguish between temporary sadness and destructive isolation.

Prolonged depression

This is the next step after the privacy. A man walks on, stops to get out of the house, did not return calls. He does not want to see people, so spends most of his time in one room. He may do nothing at all. Apathy causes him to look at one spot and constantly think about the bad. The person becomes scattered, resulting in reduced his performance at work or school.

Black humor

Suicidal tendencies are manifested not only in the form of sociopathy. People can continue to communicate with friends, to attend work or place of study, but something in him breaks. He starts talking about death or jokes about it. At first, this can be attributed to a bad day, but if these jokes continue for a long time, this should be cause for concern. Irony and humor become redundant when the person reaches the stage of readiness to care in another world.

Change in appearance

We are talking about such manifestation of suicidal tendencies, as zapuskaniya their appearance. If the girl watching him, wore makeup, did hair, but now she can forget about the simplest personal hygiene. People regularly "forgets" to wash your hair or comb your hair, change the sheets and wash the shoes. This symptom is not just about depression, but serious manifestation of suicidal thoughts.

Alcohol abuse

Drinking alcohol, drug consumption, frequent Smoking — all this testifies to presence of serious problems. He struggles with his thoughts through the rejection of reality, odurmanivaya yourself psychotropic substances.

Aggression, alternating with kindness

Sometimes people who are prone to suicide, begins to lose your temper, yell at loved ones. And after a couple of hours after that, he impresses everyone with his calm, begins to give valuable things to give money. This does not mean that it came back to normal. On the contrary, it is a sign of suicidal tendencies, readiness to it, an element of farewell.

All these characteristics must be taken into account. The person with suicidal thoughts can't be left alone. It is advisable to seek help from a psychologist.