Semianalytical suicide are varied, but there is always a parallel between the idea of parting with the life and thought of the loss of meaning in life.Thus, the main thing you need to fight it with the conviction of the futility of further existence. Think about it - when you were born, when your mother was a hard road of pregnancy and childbirth in your life already had a purpose. Take this idea and, as hard as it was not necessary, remember, your appearance is a credit to your parents. They gave you life and you have to live and overcome the troubles that nothing was in vain.
Santastico very effective way is to take your thoughts work, with physical exercise. To fully plan your day so that free time was had solely on the dream. Tired body does not provide opportunities for stringy and useless thought. Change robotisation, you need to change the type of activities, circle – to start all over again, it also takes a lot of time and effort.Webpatente skills, get additional education, get acquainted with new people. New impressions and mental stress right now can be you need.Sports, fizkulturnaya load will not only make you attractive but it will also fill up your free time to good use.Volunteer work (charity) Helping people, you realize its favor. Thanks other people often cures thoughts of suicide. You will realize that people need you, maybe you'll bounce back and you will see it makes sense.
Spiritual acceptance and humility, Some find themselves in the faith. Sometimes enough to spend some time in the monastery, at the Church, aiding the novices, the monks in heavy physical activities, going to services, talking with the priest. A return to the world, changing their settings, and reviewing system values. Don't reject this method, perhaps it will help to cope with emotional pain.
Uvlechenno you addictive personality, hobby takes a lot of time and your attention. This is an interesting exercise, in which even you can achieve good results and to acquire new status (suddenly you will open an online store selling figurines from polymer clay?).Try to search in my passion and addiction. Perhaps as a child you were interested in anything and even had success, but forgot about it.
You may need to change the terrain around you - briefly or permanently.Rest Allow yourself a vacation in another city, another country, and preferably in the other lane. A change of scenery, climate can freshen up the experience.Change getallstudents "start from scratch" very often helps to cope with bouts of indifference to his life.
Jivotnymi animals require warmth, affection, love and attention. Unwittingly, you make life-affirming actions - once again - to feel necessary and needed.