Most often, these claims against the fairer sex is unfair. Woman better than men is aware of the usefulness of one or another purchases in everyday life, that is why husband, wife branelli for excessive and unjustified waste of money, in the end, actively uses "unnecessary" purchase. Misappropriation of funds is noticed immediately, and to evaluate the usefulness of shopping from the first glance, and to understand their purpose in the home of the family, can be difficult.

In addition, almost every man wants his wife to look well, care for themselves, and stylishly dressed, and the money spent on these needs, calls thrown to the wind.

Based on the above information we can conclude that the phenomenon called female extravagance, very exaggerated. The man who believes that his wife incorrectly handles the family budget, you should take this task on yourself at least a month. This course will clarify the situation, summing up man to one of two logical conclusions:

the wife disposed of the family budget is reasonable;

- the wife of a Shopaholic.

Unfortunately, the second option also has a place. Shopping mania is often triggered by the internal discomfort in women. A woman without moral satisfaction and comfort from family life, experiencing a feeling of emptiness that seeks to fill different, sometimes mindless shopping.

To forget about the problem, the man needs to reconsider his attitude to his wife, to find something that will be equally interesting for him and women simply spend more time together.

Often the cause of unnecessary expenditure of money is the inexperience of the hostess. The girl, who lived before the wedding with my mom and dad are not always able to correctly distribute the funds from the family budget for a month. Most likely, this problem will resolve itself as you gain experience in family life. In order to accurately understand what happens to the money, the couple can commit your expenses on paper or in electronic media, such approach to the solution of the question will not only give an answer to the question "what happens to the money?" but will save some portion of the family budget.