Support your husband as much, help him in his work. He should know that you will always be with him no matter what. Do not cut, do not make the scandals and condemn not, and if he made a mistake or failed. Dismissal, wage cuts, breakage of machines and other temporary difficulties we need to experience together.
Don't try to change your man, make him adjust to you. Better try yourself to share its principles, goals, aspirations, Hobbies, if that doesn't work, just have establish your family life. No need to adjust the characters and relationships, so learn to accept her husband for what he is.
Praise your husband, emphasize his dignity, be proud of them. Men often achieve success through a sincere love of his wife. Forget about flattery, it is better to talk about positive qualities that really has your husband. You can casually to emphasize his power and great physical shape when he dug up the flower bed at the cottage, or admire its erudition manifested in the dispute. Let your husband be your most smart, beautiful, interesting, the best man in the world.
Can't stand dirty linen in public. Never insult your husband in front of strangers and do not tell me about your quarrels with the relatives, friends and acquaintances. A wise wife knows how to make one of her family's troubles did not know. Note that talking about them is not have even with their parents, especially if they dislike your husband.
It is not necessary to comply with the consumer attitude of some men. The woman who always suffers, humiliated, submissive, silent, can easily turn your husband into a cheater or an alcoholic. A marriage without love, constant beatings, and insults pomicanje able to destroy the woman and destroy her charm. Loving husband, do not forget that you are either a person, or to build a happy marriage will be much harder.
Be beautiful and alluring, take care of yourself. Meet the husband as would meet an important guest, ie painted and exquisitely dressed. Discard old robes, and before bed, wear a sexy negligee. Make sure your appearance and always try to be attractive to her husband.