But how often do we hear complaints pickiest of wives on their husbands, some people think that her husband too much time to friends or not at all helps his wife deal with the household chores. Husband was other before the wedding - so say almost all wives. So what happened with him after the wedding? Or is it all empty words too harmful wives?

The mystery of the noticeable change lies in the attitude of women to their partner. Sometimes women are convinced that is worthy of the best spouse and it is because of this fight too demanding and picky. As for men, they feel discriminating against the couple and may therefore unwittingly become indifferent, lazy and wholly inactive.

If the wife thinks that her husband is unworthy of a high salary or a prestigious job, he instinctively feels it and loses faith in himself. And if the companion with all your soul believes in him, is struggling to maintain, he will be able to achieve great things. Because behind him is she the one that gave him faith in himself and helped not to fall.

It is important not to forget that in the male develop quality, which draws attention to his wife.

Is only woman to notice and highlight his masculinity and independence, he will gain confidence in yourself and your strength. If you notice only the bad and never focus on the unique, peculiar only to him the qualities that any good it will not. And there is unlikely to be husband will be the home in which you always want to come back.

Because of all this, the man was considered a loser in one marriage, will be able to fully show their talent and to reveal the beauty of the soul in another marriage. This happens, for example, when in the first marriage, the wife was unable to appreciate the positive qualities of the spouse.

Entering into a second marriage, the man is changing, becoming active and energetic, always looking for new opportunities to achieve their goals, and all this because his time and support helped him to move forward. In each of these cases, it's a woman the energy that she gives to her husband, her strength and care. You always need to remember this and then the family will always be ruled by harmony and comfort!