Inflated male requirements

Men can ask their wives too much. It comes to appearance, household chores, manners at home and in the company of other people, communicating with members of the opposite sex, as well as other things.

If your husband forbids you to make friends with men, you should accept his request with understanding, as this requirement is quite reasonable. Another thing is when a spouse begins to harass you groundless and foolish jealousy.

Your reaction to the inflated male requirements

Before you decide how to take the requirements of its second half, you have to deal with the causes of their appearance. Maybe your spouse was brought up according to strict rules, which he tries to impose on you. Talk to your lover and find out what it does not like, and what you can do to ensure that your relationship has changed for the better.

If you mean that the husband makes to you very strict requirements, so you subconsciously have an idea for yourself about the limits of the permissible. Since you came into the marriage with this person, you initially agreed to fulfill his whims and satisfy his desires, so now you should think what benefits you derive from such a relationship. You may realize that your lover is a decent man, is able to provide you a happy and comfortable future, you have to agree to his demands and try to meet their beloved representative of the stronger sex. If he is not decided on the priorities in life, is not a reliable support and protection, you are not obligated to obey his will.

Some girls get tired of the constant efforts and attempts to please his legitimate spouse. If you find too difficult to do so, as required your man, you have the right at any time to end the relationship and be free. However, in this case, you must clearly understand the consequences of divorce. Will you be more happy if they break out of frames and borders set by your husband, having lost him? Are you ready to take such a significant sacrifice for their own freedom and peace?

Offer your spouse a heart to heart conversation. Explain to him their position and their disagreement about certain requirements and prohibitions. Most likely, you will be able to find common language with him and come to a common conclusion for the sake of your marriage.