Strip in different versions can look very bright and extremely modest, so even though the specific example, it is not necessary to be afraid of.

Types and camera angles

Striped can be everything: skirts and pants, jackets and tops, hats and even earrings. It all depends on where you intend to wear a particular outfit. For example, the classic, straight skirt to mid-knee length, made of fabric in black and white stripes will look bright and even defiantly. That is why, despite the cut, it should not be put on those activities in which you expect your mind and not ass and legs. However, if you leave everything the same, but take the light beige and coffee shades this outfit is good for any business meeting.

Such clothing allows you to play on the necessary contrasts. Nothing more than can't draw attention to your buttocks, but pants in vertical stripes. Dress, made in the same style, only with stripes in the middle, will slim almost any figure.

In this context, you can make an easy conclusion. The strips should not be afraid. You must define a contrast combination of colors that will help to look decent in any situation.

General tips

No matter how strange it may seem the current fashion, but she's largely right. The same applies to striped clothes. There are some General rules, which in any case can not be overlooked:

horizontal stripes look fat in any performance, even if it is not visible and hardly noticeable;

the vertical stripes flatter the figure;

she is particularly large, it is easy to emphasize your figure flaws – if the legs curve it will be dramatically;

- if the edges of the outfit to leave a darker color, it will give the additional effect of thinness;

bright stripe should be the only focus of the outfit, if you are absolutely uncertain what you are wearing things combined.

Adhering to these simple rules, everyone can quite easily wear clothing with stripes.

Such clothing is good in many cases, fear it not worth it. Even if you think it's too bright, or not sufficiently impressive – try to try, and you'll see what was wrong. Preen a few extra minutes before the mirror, and you will discover a whole world of good fashion decisions.