What to wear with a summer dress striped

Despite the traditional view that horizontal stripes visually expands the figure, it is safe to say that this print with the right choice of models suitable for all girls with any type of shape. However wearing dresses in the horizontal bar has its secrets. For example, owners of magnificent forms you must choose the dress, not too figure-hugging, and strip and the desired narrow and rare. Wide strip in this case is more appropriate in combination with cardigans, blazers or jackets.

Very fresh and elegant it will look blue striped dress, combined with red details. This combination is a symbol of sea style, it is particularly relevant will be the heat.

It is desirable to complement the dress with a striped print and solid things, able to focus on the main part of the image. It can be blazers, jackets, boleros, scarves and wraps, depending on the occasion and mood. Classic colors for accessories will be black, white and red.

Long summer dress with stripes always attracts attention to its owner without the slightest effort on her part. Particularly impressive look such dresses, when the top and bottom is made in one color but with different patterns. A similar outfit will visually divide the figure in half, emphasizing the waist and chest, and hidden from prying eyes far from the perfect shape of thighs and legs.

Summer knit dress, striped, blue, or red, is the perfect complement to a denim shirt tied in a knot below the chest or at the waist, and better if it is a couple of sizes bigger than you need. Way to complement a bulk beach straw bag or a small shoulder bag. Footwear better to pick up woven flat shoes or low heels. If it is the same dress to complement the white jacket, bright ballet flats and a handbag on a thin strap, you can safely go on a romantic date.

Color combinations

Dress in a black-and-white stripes are best worn with bright monochromatic clothing. For example, with a red jacket and purple shoes. Also nice combination of black and white stripes with black, white, gray clothing, beige, khaki, sand and any other neutral color.

Dress with colorful stripes can match the monochrome thing, the right color to one of the strips. For example, the outfit in red, white, and yellow stripes can be worn with red, white, and yellow clothing or shoes. Cautious way out, if the colored stripe to combine with a white or beige things.

It is preferable to wear a striped dress with a plain clothes. If you wish to dilute the strip of a different pattern, you can use a different stripe, polka dot or flower. Stripes with polka dots gives a fairly mild blend with a hint of vintage is a valid option for parties or walks in the day. Floral print combining stripes should be very careful. One of the drawings should be dominant. So, contrast wide stripes it is better to combine with a light soft floral pattern. Conversely, large and bright colors, you can combine only with a barely noticeable thin strip.

To combine in one ensemble of stripes and plaid, wild prints or complicated designs are not recommended.