The wisdom of the desert

Quite often you can see in the documentary and feature films of the inhabitants of the desert, from head to toe wrapped in thick cloth. Apparently they are quite comfortable and not hot. Usually they also drink hot tea, which is not compatible with our idea of proper behavior and comfortable in the heat.

The fact is that tight clothing holds in vital moisture to the skin without letting it dry out, then a dedicated body will remain inside of the coat or other warm clothes, not going anywhere. Besides, such clothing protects the person from heat stroke, not allowing the human body to contact with hot air. In fact, warm clothes in the heat acts as an additional expansion means.

Dense robe and hat (e.g., Uzbek) maintain pressure, pulse and temperature of the owner at the level of norms. In fact, the only thing to do in that Bathrobe, drinking enough fluids to the body it was enough. Hot tea, while preferable, as it stimulates sweating, which cools the body.

In the summer you need to wear more clothes?

As for the usual light clothing, its main disadvantage is the lack of protection for the skin. The skin in this situation, dry, not cooled naturally with perspiration, the hot air has a negative effect on the human body. If you are not careful enough, in light clothing it is easy to burn, get a sunburn or even a simple heat stroke. As if to further block the sweat glands deodorant, so the body simply will not be able to produce it in the traditional way and cool the surface of the skin, getting rid of excess heat, nothing good comes from wearing overly revealing clothing will not work.
Len has the ability to stay cool even under the hottest rays of the sun, so the best fabric for summer clothes. But we must remember that flax is very wrinkled.

If you wear revealing clothing and drink ice water, the body there is a contradiction with the surrounding space. Reaction vessels for such actions may be inadequate, which can cause General discomfort. Besides, it is very easy to catch a cold after drinking a lot of cold water on a hot day.
Do not wear summer clothes dark colors. It is too quickly heated by the sun.

Of course, do not have to wrap myself in the robes, which, while useful, can hardly be called fashionable clothes, but you can change mini-skirts and t-shirts on a long linen or cotton dresses and skirts, change the blocking perspiration funds for those that remove the odor. In such equipment to cope with the terrifying heat much easier.