I feel men at parting?

When men break up with their mate, they are exactly the same as women experience painful feelings. It is difficult to realize that the person who was there, helped and supported in difficult times, allowed to hug and kiss you from now on will not be present in their lives. At first men feel a sense of loss and helplessness, they do not have their second half, they understand that they miss it and sometimes very much suffer from unrequited love.

The behavior of the men after a breakup?

Women after breaking up with her boyfriend often cry into my pillow at night, and in the afternoon they call and tell their friends about how hard it is, how I want to return the love. Men rarely do this. Most often they just shut down and cease to go out, answer phone calls, and messages on social networks, remaining alone with his thoughts.

Some representatives of the stronger sex, after parting with his lover, trying to drown sorrows in alcohol. This behavior is rarely able to help, because alcohol only temporarily cloud the mind, and once the intoxication takes place, there comes a hangover, which further exacerbates the situation and well-being of men.

The other guys after breaking up with his lover prefer not to be alone, they reconnect with old friends, meet and spend their free time with them to distract yourself from negative thoughts and longing for a departed soulmate.

Another option that some choose abandoned men is a quick replacement. Once they are alone, they begin to actively search for new women that would be able to outshine the previous unhappy love. That's just a new romantic relationship is rarely serious and often over only sexual relationships, and the momentary gap.

No matter how behaved the abandoned male, the girls in any case we should not lightly think that it easy experiencing the cessation of love relations with your partner. Just guys hiding their emotions and rarely share with others their pain and sadness. It is easier to say that everything is fine than to appear weak and humiliated.