Get rid of everything that could remind you of a former lover. Throw her things, with her name or initials, remove from the apartment combines photos and videos. Erase her number and messages in the mobile phone and on the answering machine of the home. Move the furniture, buy new bedding and blankets, to create a sense of novelty. If any items have high material value, and you just wish to get rid of them, put them away in the closet or give it to the custody of the friends that they are not caught in your eyes, until you feel better.
Make a new route around the city, not to accidentally collide with his beloved at the bus stop or just on the street. While feelings are not cool, do not visit parks, restaurants, cafes and cinemas where you liked to be alone, go to other stores. Try not to watch some romantic movies and do not listen to gentle music to memories does not come alive in you again. Change the style of clothing, dress as you like, use a different flavor.
Don't go inside. Let you are all the time surrounded by friends and close people, able to support, to comfort and entertain. Invite them to visit you, arrange joint events and themselves agree to the offers to meet. Meet new girls, maybe one of them will be able to heal your heart. If you find it difficult to share experiences with other people, write them on paper. Then you can burn it, symbolizing thus the deliverance from suffering.
Make a new daily routine so that you were all the time busy with something. Then you will have no time to indulge in sad thoughts. More work, especially nice if it will bring you both relief and additional revenue. Sign up for a program or gym because the sport helps to burn off excess energy. Start to learn foreign languages, read more, to distract from sad thoughts. Embark on a journey, because new experiences can Eclipse the old feelings and resentment.
In any case, do not stoop to the insults of his former sweetheart. This way you will only expose yourself to the culprit of separation and your mutual friends you are unlikely to understand. Also a bad Advisor will be the alcohol, because it will remove the pain of loss only for the duration of its use.