When the love after a breakup

You wanted to be near him, wanted to fall asleep and Wake up together the rest of your life. You can imagine how many shared happy moments waiting for you to come. But suddenly your relationship crumbled like sand, and you are left with nothing.

It's time to understand that it happens in real life, such a situation is faced by many people. The fact that the man and woman often do not converge.

Love after the breakup of different people is different. Everything will depend on the degree of attachment to this guy. Perhaps you felt for him not love, but love, the two feelings are very easily confused. Love is quite fast, enough not to see the former for 1-2 months.

Also you could experience to his usual sympathy, which, combined with habit and affection might seem to you love. In this case, you will be quite a bit to wean from human and understand that there are lots of cute guys. Sympathy may evaporate even faster than love.

If you really feel the true feeling of true love, things are bad. As a rule, true love man meets once in a lifetime. Such strong emotions can stay in my heart forever.

Some girls are able to experience strong feelings several times in my life, so do not put on a cross, chances are you'll meet your soul mate. It is now very hard to believe, but most often exactly what happens.

How to stop loving a guy

Help yourself to forget him. Don't look at his pictures, read his messages, not to remember the bright moments. Nostalgia will bring you into full depression, and it won't end well.

Think about that in the moment when you sadly remember his eyes, he's having fun with friends. He may even found a new passion. You don't want to suffer in that time, he was already well without you?

Start a new life. Now you have all the chances to make it even better. Think about what you are not alone, but free. And if you have freedom, use it. Call your friends, go with them to some place nice. Don't close yourself to yourself, now you need people who are able to elevate your mood.

A very effective way to forget an ex-boyfriend to find a new one. Think about it, but if you're not ready for a new relationship, give yourself some time.