Video cameras are external and embedded. Integrated video cameras are usually placed at the top panel of the laptop. You can find it visually by looking at the laptop.
Turn the laptop on and click on the icon "My computer". You will see a window with local drives and external connected devices. If you find at the bottom of the item "Video device" or simply "Video", click on it, and you will see yourself on the screen. Your laptop has integrated a built-in camera. Sometimes it may not work due to the lack of installed drivers that must be downloaded to a laptop via USB cable from the Internet from the manufacturer's website.
If your laptop has no built-in camera, you should connect external video device. To do this simply. Webcams sold in stores of computer technology with the software needed USB cords. Read the manual. Take the USB cable and connect the laptop to the camcorder via the USB port. In a few minutes the operating system of the laptop will determine the external connected device. Go to the folder "My computer" and look for the item "USB video device". Click on it with the mouse. If the camera driver was downloaded automatically, then the hardware is installed, and the camera work. But sometimes you need to install the software yourself. Insert supplied complete with a webcam disk to the receiving device, open it, locate the installation file with the extension "exe", run, follow the instructions on the screen. After some time the installation will over. Restart the computer, the camcorder is ready to work.
To connect conventional video camera (that can shoot videos) to your laptop uses a special port 1394. It gives the best image quality downloaded from digital camcorder material, and also increases the download speed. For connection use the connection cable with plugs under FireWire 1394. If the laptop has no such port, buy a IEEE 1394 controller, insert it into the side port to connect the controller to your delicate part. Then insert the controller plug of the above cable connecting the laptop with a video camera. Connecting and disconnecting of the controller is based on the principle of the stick. Check the connection of the camera through the operating system described in item 2 above method.