This herb is well calms the nervous system relaxing effect. Purposefully acts on pain arising in the nervous system, and menstrual cramps.

Take a few drops, adding to tea or water.


Helps with exhaustion and has a slight calming effect.

Take a few drops, adding to tea, water or orange juice.

Lemon verbena

Has a relaxing effect, helps to cope with stress, anxiety and insomnia.

From the dry grass and prepare the tea. Compatible with mint and chamomile.

St. John's wort

This herb will lift your spirits and will remove unnecessary anxiety.

Brew and drink as tea. You can drip a few drops of oil on the lamp and enjoy the pleasant aroma.


The most common from the medicinal herbs.

Used for nervous disorders and anxiety of various Genesis. Wonderful relieves stress and helps to sleep.

Brewed as a tea.


Better known as a seasoning, but great relaxes the nervous system. You can also brew and drink as tea. Moreover to improve digestion.


A decoction of these flowers will help you sleep better and overcome anxiety. Can be combined with chamomile and vervain.


Its main property is the ability to improve the condition of the cardiovascular system and lower the pressure. Used in mild forms of nervousness.

Most often used in drops, adding water or tea.


Undoubtedly has many advantages - it relaxes, soothes, restores energy, removes spasms and alleviates abdominal pain. Basically, brew and drink as tea.