Try to understand for myself: what makes you unhappy and interferes with the attainment of peace of mind? At the moment the circumstances are exactly as they are. Of course, you are forced to reckon with them, but the chance to change everything for the better is always there. Following this, you will learn how to restore mental balance. Remember to set the peace in the soul, there are always two options: change the situation or your attitude towards it.
Necessary and rational stages of human development are crises. Do not fear them, they are given to people as a chance for personal growth, in order to discard all unnecessary, to take new form, rise to the next level, to be themselves. A small child to retrieve a toy, you need to learn to crawl, to stand up and walk. Man is so constituted that his development from birth until death, is due to the difficulties in achieving the desired.
Throw out your soul grudge against the other, get rid of anger, guilt, fear, disappointments and expectations – become free. You are hurt by someone's criticism? Realize that if the critics wrong, then you have nothing to take offense at it, because he just told the truth. If his statements are unfounded, then all this has to you any relation. Understand that your anger changes nothing, and only aggravates the situation. There is nothing that you should fear, because in your power to change a difficult situation at any time. Suffer from remorse, feeling guilt is silly. It is much wiser to learn from their mistakes. Getting rid of expectations, you will not be disappointed, and offended and angry.
Learn to perceive yourself, others and life itself of course - as what everything really is. Free from habitual, old patterns of behavior, ideas, masks, roles. Try to live in reality, fully be in the present moment. Through this liberation will come equanimity, associated with harmony and mental health.