Nature tried, so we can use it to get rid of stress and many ailments. For the treatment of a disease we used to use ready-made drugs or, in extreme cases, herbs are sold in pharmacies of our city.

But you can independently collect certain plants and treat any ailments. This necessarily need to remember the basic rules how to build such plants: in any case not to build them in industrial areas and near highways. And also to use the rules seasonally collect desired plants, i.e. the ones collected in early spring, others in early summer, etc. And you are not afraid to use them for their intended purpose.

For example, for a healthy and sound sleep, you can prepare a cotton pouch, filled with the color of St. John's wort and hops, and put it under the pillow upon which you sleep. In the evening, taking a bath, add a sprig of lavender, chamomile or mint and enjoy! Relax!

Very careful treatment with the herbal medicine you need to treat people who are prone to allergies, or asthma! And be sure to talk to your doctor if you are already taking any medicines: some plants can neutralize the beneficial effect of specific medicines.