For getting your pillows will suit absolutely any grass. Select combinations of plants depends on specific preferences as well as purpose made cushion. To purchase charges at any pharmacy, but it is much better and cheaper to make the mixture themselves. Freshly picked herbs should be dried in the sun or in special driers (dehydrator) at low temperatures. This method of procurement will allow to keep all useful properties and flavor. As a material for the manufacture of cushions it is preferable to use a dense cotton fabric.
The herbal pillow can solve different tasks: to relieve fatigue and anxiety, ease breathing and relieve snoring, improve heart function, but also serve as prevention of flu. By defining specific goals, you need to competently approach to the selection of the filler. For this it is necessary to know not only the beneficial properties of plants and their influence on the human body, but also to eliminate possible allergens. When selecting herbs, you should trust your intuition: the flavor should be like and not a cause for concern.
If the purpose of the manufacture of the pillow is the normalization of the emotional background, the choice of basis should give preference to the classic combination of chamomile and calendula. This proven tool is perfectly calm and present a pleasant summer emotions. For getting rid of insomnia is to take 150 grams of vervain, lavender and hops, adding 2 tbsp of root powder of violets. The flowers of the red clover will help to get rid of the annoying headaches. Tavolga, cornflower, lemon balm and Valerian will banish the bad thoughts and help you fall asleep faster. And snoring will deliver a combination of hops and tea leaves. To prepare the mix you need to take the hop cones, and dried leaves in the ratio of 1:1, adding 2 tbsp. of orris and 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.
In the manufacture of scented pillows for children should pay attention to the combination of chamomile and thyme with a couple drops of lavender essential oil. Such a filler will help in case the baby is often sick, suffering from sleep disorders and a lot naughty.
Excellent means of disease prevention will be the herb of yarrow, dry flowers lilac, black elderberry, sage, young shoots of pine needles, birch leaves, tansy, poplar leaves, scented geranium, marjoram and mugwort.
People suffering from variety of heart diseases, it is recommended to sleep on the cushions where the filler used cornflower. Most useful leaves and flowers collected at the beginning of the flowering period. Hop cones have a great soothing qualities and is indicated for angina. The leaves and stems of peppermint are used to prevent myocardial infarction.
For the treatment of diseases of the lungs can be recommended to young shoots of pine, have antibacterial properties. Also pay attention to the tansy, which not only has excellent anti-inflammatory effect, but also repels mosquitoes and other insects.