Age-related pigmentation, is most often seen in the autumn, if the summer woman spent a lot of time in the sun and not used sunscreen. Sometimes pigmentation is due to an insufficient number in the body of b vitamins PP and ascorbic acid. In this case, you must enter in your diet foods such as: eggs, pork, fish, beef liver, cheese, grains and legumes, rosehips and currants.

Another reason for the appearance of these unpleasant spots can be liver disease, disruption in the gastrointestinal tract or the endocrine system, which is a reason to go to the doctor.

How to get rid of?

To lighten dark spots you need to apply cosmetics with whitening effect. In a nutrient moisturizer before applying to face add 5 drops of lemon juice. You can make masks from products that contain lactic acid.

Modern medicine offers removal of pigmentation by laser over multiple sessions. After laser resurfacing the skin should be protected from sunlight for about two weeks.

Chemical peel destroys the top layer of the skin, dark spots, smooths skin.

There are a number of pharmacological agents, inhibiting the production of melanin, due to which the spots become lighter and disappear.

Despite such a rich choice of ways of combating age-related pigmentation, it is better to prevent or reduce to a minimum. You need to monitor the health, especially the liver. A good night's sleep. In nature to use protection from the sun. If necessary use lightening creams.