You will need
  • - lemon;
  • - med;
  • - cucumber;
  • - parsley juice;
  • - sunscreen.
Ask for help to the doctor. The pigmentation can be not only a cosmetic defect, but also may indicate a shortage of certain substances or various failures in the body. So, brown spots often appear due to incorrect gall bladder, kidneys or liver. In this case, a competent course of treatment will not only improve your health but also will help to forget about age spots forever.
Try to rarely expose their skin to direct sunlight, which are often the main cause of the appearance of unsightly brown spots. Going outside, apply to exposed areas of the body sunscreen and face makeup with the same effect. On summer days I like that it is a hat with a wide brim which protects from ultraviolet radiation, not only the face but also the shoulders.
Take a course of whitening treatment from a qualified beautician. He competently assess the depth of pigmentation and conduct the necessary procedures. Also he will recommend you suitable for your skin emulsion and serum that prevents the formation of pigment. But to do these procedures better in the cold season.
From time to time make whitening facial masks of natural products available. So, effectively fights pigmentation mask of grated cucumbers, parsley juice and sour cream. Mix these funds in equal amounts and apply on clean face and later 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. Very good help mask of lemon juice, egg whites and 1 tbsp. of natural honey. Mix these ingredients until smooth, apply to face and leave for 15 minutes.
Wipe your face with lemon juice diluted with water in equal proportions. It has good bleaching and toning properties. And lemon juice does not dry the skin immediately after rubbing on your face, apply any moisturizer.