Age spots are best removed with a complex impact. To begin, try to protect your skin from exposure to sunlight - specifically ultraviolet radiation is the culprit of the appearance of age spots and take with vitamin C.
If the pigmentation is not too severe, try bleaching creams. But be sure to consult with a dermatologist beforehand. Some substances contained in the funds with a high degree of bleaching, have a number of contraindications. You cannot use such funds during pregnancy, feeding, as well as in chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys.
Whitening cream are on the basis of mercury (such funds can only be used after the test for individual tolerance), on the basis of hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, perhydrol and salicylic acid. Buying agent, carefully read the composition and choose a cream which contains ingredients that are not causing you an allergic reactions.
In beauty salons offer to get rid of skin pigmentation using procedures, chemical peels and phototherapy. Chemical peeling is the impact on the skin of fruit or glycolic acid. Under the influence of the drug removed the top layer of skin. Similar procedure performed with a laser or ultrasound. If you decide to get rid of age spots using treatments with chemical, laser or ultrasonic peeling, it is best to have a course of several treatments shallow cleaning. This tactic will help you avoid scarring.
The procedure of phototherapy is the impact on the pigmented spot of the light beam. Under the influence of directional impulsive an intense spot of light fades, becomes lighter. The procedure of phototherapy is absolutely painless, you will feel only warmth and slight tingling of the skin. Usually to cure pigmentation requires 3-4 treatments.