You will need
  • - passport;
  • connection to the Internet.
If you have a good enough reason to obtain such information about customers of MegaFon, write the corresponding statement at the nearest police station, after which they alone will find out a person that is registered to the SIM card. User data of the mobile operators is confidential information which, under the terms of the contract of service is not provided to third parties employed by the company. Here, you'll need your passport and other documents that must be provided to the relevant authorities for registration of such statement.
Look at the points of sales of CDs markets special database of mobile phone operator "MegaFon". Here you will have to act on your own risk, since the use of such kind of software is illegal. After the purchase is mandatory check the disk for viruses.
Start the database on your computer, write in the corresponding input forms the information about the user of services of the company "MegaFon", which you know and click "Search". Please note that the databases quickly become obsolete, because subscribers often change phone numbers. Disadvantages of the latter two methods is that often the SIM card is registered to one person, and uses it completely different.
Enter the information you are interested in the owner in the search engine. It is possible that some people leave their phone number in the contact us section on any website or social network. Also do a search on the city forum at the known phone number. You can also simply call the interested person to ask the information directly is the most effective way.