Before you start to increase testosterone, make sure that in your body its really not enough. It can specify such characteristics as the tendency to obesity, lethargy and irritability, lack of appetite and libido, deterioration of hair on the head and beard, too high voice, and others. If you feel good, to take special measures not necessary because of too high testosterone level is also harmful for health.

How to increase testosterone with foods

There are products, the use of which allows to increase testosterone in men natural ways. You first need to in the diet the main role was given to products with high protein: lean chicken, beef and pork, eggs, cottage cheese, and dairy products. Meals better to make small, but frequent (4-5 times a day), and each of them to eat at least 20-30 grams of protein.

For testosterone synthesis is strongly influenced by the zinc, so you should take rich food: fish, nuts, seeds. Equally important are the vitamins B and C contained in citrus fruits, berries, and fish oil. In the cold season, you should additionally take vitamins to replenish the body with the necessary elements in the right quantity.

Drink plenty of plain water (2-3 liters per day). It helps refresh cellular structure of the body, remove harmful substances, to improve the condition of all organs and systems. This should limit consumption of black tea and coffee, which can cause the reverse process.

How to increase testosterone with exercise

Physical activity also helps to increase testosterone in men natural ways. Any sport you should choose depending on the overall condition of the body. For example, men with a good physique, but having problems with libido and mental condition, sufficient to perform exercises in the morning and evening, to do Jogging or swimming, more walk in the fresh air.

Representatives of the stronger sex, dreaming about a brutal appearance with bulky muscles, a noble bass, and noticeable stubble on the face, you should also go to the gym. Muscle building is a great way to quickly boost testosterone and to achieve the desired appearance.

In addition to proper nutrition and physical activity we must not forget that must not have any bad habits. Smoking and alcohol quickly worsen the condition of the body and reduces the level of testosterone. In addition, it is important to communicate with the opposite sex and sexually active because sexual abstinence is another enemy to healthy men in the Prime of life.