You will need
  • - to revise the diet;
  • - increase the intake of fats;
  • - to sleep;
  • - limit consumption of alcohol;
  • - change the training program;
  • - time to eat;
  • - to lose weight.
In order to avoid reducing the level of testosterone check your diet. Eating foods rich in proteins and poor in carbohydrates, can lead to the decline of this useful hormone. Protein should account for approximately 16% of the daily calorie intake. That is, with a weight of 80 kg and a daily consumption of approximately 2,900 calories in protein should be about 150 grams. It's two chicken breast and 200 gr of tuna.
Get rid of the growing tummy, otherwise it can be added a lovely pair of Breasts. Excess weight contributes to the development of in the male body another hormone – estrogen, and it reduces the level of testosterone.
Do not try to lose weight more than 1 kg per week. Reducing the calorie intake by more than 15%, the body perceives as a threat of starvation and in anticipation of the worst can dramatically decrease the production of testosterone. What is the point to work, if the body is starving?
The drop in the level of testosterone prevents effective fat burning.
Eating at night is peanuts. It was found that men whose diet is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, have a high level of testosterone. But peanuts these acids are found in other nuts and vegetable oils.
Get enough sleep. After a good night's sleep the level of testosterone is much higher. While night sleep duration of 6-7 hours can fully knock your biorhythms, and thus a regular production of testosterone.
Have sex in the morning. German scientists have found that a simple erection stimulates the production of testosterone. But if it happens early in the morning, it can lead to powerful and natural hormone release.
Start your workout with a weight that you can lift no more than five times. This will be an approximate 85% of your maximum force. Finnish researchers have found that this load causes the greatest release of hormone.
Eat in a timely manner. For the production of testosterone the body constantly needs calories, so regular refusals of food or business vanity without the ability to eat can lead to a sharp reduction in the hormonal reserves.
Include in your menu enough fat. In order to raise the level of testosterone, your diet is about 30% should consist of fat.
Rest between workouts. If you are not completely you recover from the previous exercise, the production of testosterone will decrease by 40%.
That never happened, take care of a full eight hours of sleep and never perform strength exercises for the same muscles two days in a row.
Limit the use of alcohol. As a result of excessive consumption of intoxicating beverages stocks of testosterone in the body are greatly reduced. Effects of alcohol on the body leads to the fact that the testicles no longer produce male hormones.
Perform training exercises aimed simultaneously at several large muscle groups instead of one or two small muscles. Studies have shown that squats with weights, bench press on a bench or the lifting of weights to strengthen back muscles increase the level of testosterone much more than, for example, the bending of the arms for biceps or breeding hands on a block simulator.