Watch your body mass index. Excess weight leads to the fact that in the male body begins to produce a greater amount of the female hormone estrogen. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in testosterone production. That is why men who are obese, there is sagging Breasts.
Not reduce body weight dramatically and immediately, if you decide to lose weight. When you are trying to reduce their weight more than 1 kg per week, the body perceives it as starvation and sharply reduces the production of testosterone. This drop in testosterone slows down fat burning. A vicious circle.
Make sure that products on this menu do not contain soy protein. The soybean is a great nutritional product but it contains phytoestrogens plant analogue female hormone. The result is the same as obesity: excess female hormones in the body inhibits the formation of testosterone.
Phytoestrogens in large quantities contained in beer. So the beer obesity in men occurs usually on the female type. One glass of beer a day – the maximum that you can afford.
Include in your diet sufficient amount of foods containing zinc, selenium and b vitamins, especially B6 and B12. It can be seafood, brown rice, wholegrain bread, green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, beef liver.
The normal levels of testosterone and the abuse of alcohol are incompatible. Ethyl alcohol inhibits the production of testosterone.
Exercise regularly. Regular physical activity provide a high level of testosterone in the body. Performing basic exercises with free weights leads to greater production of testosterone, than electoral exercises such as the biceps. Therefore, deadlifts, chest press, bench press bar over head and squats should be your favorite exercise.
Do not overdo it with physical activity. The rule "the more the better does not work here. The body must recover between workouts within two days.
In order hormonal balance of the body remained normal. need restful sleep. This means, not less than 7 hours daily. Do not rely on the weekend to fulfill his weekly quota. The body's circadian rhythm should be uniform.