For men the most useful fish and seafood as well as veggies, greens and fruits rich in fiber, vitamins, trace elements. Meat, of course, is the most important provider of protein, however it is still not the leader in gastronomy list.
First, nutritionists put the fish. The red fish of different species, and halibut, and sardines, and saury, and herring. Special preference is given to sea fish, seafood, primarily shrimp. All these variants of fish products have been good, because each different group of substances that stimulate the biosynthesis of testosterone.
It also contributes to the development of lutein fresh garden fruits. Its a lot of tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, eggplant, yellow bell peppers. But a special place among vegetables is Kale (any) and radishes. They have diindolemethane, prevent estrogen, a female sex hormone, accumulate in excess. In addition, all cruciferous vegetables help to get rid of excess fat reserves. Powerfully suppress plant estrogens and spices: garlic, red pepper, cardamom. Garlic also have a lot of selenium, a potent stimulator of testosterone.
Important to male body substance and resveratrol. It weakens the action of the aromatase enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Most of the resveratrol in the red grapes and raisins out of it, dry red wine, nuts, cocoa.
Pumpkin seeds are not among the everyday foods many men. Pity, because they have a lot of zinc, which also counteracts the aromatase enzyme, preventing the loss of testosterone. A lot of zinc in peanuts, veal liver, low fat beef and mutton, cocoa, chocolate.
Excess estrogens in men and cause various toxins – the waste of metabolism. It is important that the body is regularly cleansed from them. It is best to cope with this fiber. It is rich in grain, so the man should love and porridge. But not all, and rude: buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, barley. From semolina little use. Because only coarse cereals stimulate the blood flow in the pelvic area. Due to this the synthesis of testosterone.
A lot of fiber in most vegetables and fruits. Fruit is very useful apricots and peaches, lemons and oranges, apples and pears, melons, persimmons, pineapples. It is a universal reservoir of vitamins and trace elements needed by the male testes.
Russian men are partial to meat and, unfortunately, quite indifferent to the fresh greens. But they couldn't better complement each other. Parsley, cilantro, onions, spinach, watercress salad with lots of vitamins, amino acids, minerals. But they are especially valuable because they contain plant analogs of testosterone. Most of them in the celery.
Vitamin C neutralizes cortisol, at high levels of the stress hormone inhibited the biosynthesis of testosterone. B vitamins support its balance with other hormones. Along with these vitamins, the vitamin E contained in all vegetable oils, effectively increases the amount of testosterone. The preferred oils are olive.