Go to the hospital and give blood for testosterone levels. It is possible that you have everything in order, and you're worried ahead of time. As soon as the tests, the doctor, if necessary, will prescribe medications. Increase the level of testosterone anabolic steroids. They are available in the form of injections, and patches or pills – your choice. Regimen and duration of treatment will detail the doctor, you will just have to stick to the General recommendations.
To speed up the production of testosterone in the body, eat a lot of protein. Of course, there are no measures you want – I will be fine and it will cause even more harm to your health. Include in your daily diet meat (beef), sea fish and seafood, eggs, milk, legumes. Gradually, the level of testosterone to normal, however, this would require a lot of time.
Buy zinc the drug. It can be ordinary vitamins with a high content of zinc and magnesium or a special tool. Take mineral preparation, following the manufacturer's instructions. It should be noted that zinc and magnesium raise testosterone levels literally for 10-20 days, so can replace products containing anabolic steroids.
Regular sexual life – the guarantee of health of both men and women. During intercourse is the natural production of testosterone. But it is rather a prevention of hormonal disorders, rather than its treatment.
Exercise. During physical activity in the body, men begins to produce the hormone. If you are unable to visit the gym, you do at least Jogging for 10-15 minutes.
After treatment, turn the repeated analysis of blood on hormones. If testosterone levels have not reached the desired mark, continue the treatment in consultation with your doctor.