Usually, low testosterone is a consequence of the sedentary, inactive lifestyle, abuse of Smoking and alcohol, malnutrition, chronic fatigue.

Adjust feeding. In addition to eating the following foods, try to eat regularly, preferring hot and liquid food.

Useful products for men: lean meat, fish, eggs, seafood, nuts, fruits, vegetables, berries, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, ginger, garlic.

Don't dismiss vitamins and supplements, but first consult your doctor.
Try to pay more attention to healthy sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation negatively affects the body negatively affects the cardio-vascular system, lowers the General tone and testosterone in particular. Try to distribute things throughout the day so that at night you rested.
In nature there are plants that increase the production of testosterone. These include Golden root, eleuterokokk, leuzea carthamoides. Drink herbal teas or infusions based on them.
If no time to exercise at the gym, try to at least once a week to use the pool. If you can – run in the morning, more walking. However, physical exercise with the load are considered the most effective way to increase testosterone.