Think about what you will be interested in the beginning of Dating. The first impression is very important for further relations. It will of course be changed, but you the main thing — is to attract his attention, and like the first time, since the second attempt may not be.
Bring yourself to start in order, clean the feathers: refresh your hairstyle, update your closet and tidy in your head, ie think, and if you need this guy. If you already can not imagine my life without it, then skip to the next paragraph.
Think of a General topic for conversation or any problem that he can help you decide and come to him first. The most popular and effective method is to ask the guy to handle your computer, even if you really can outdo any hacker. He, at first, flattered that you turned to him, and secondly, he just can't resist the girl any assistance. Because once you fall in love with him, so he, at least, polite and decent man.
Will unleash its charm, so after the first meeting, he was delighted. If after some time, he will not assign you a date, invite him yourself. Just come up with something unconventional that he never thought to refuse. For example, invite him to football.
Behave with him relaxed but not stuffy. Smile more, talk less. Do not tell everything about yourself immediately, let he again and again wants to see you and more about you. And if he after all this, you will not like, then he's just not worthy.