Try to meet and interact with the guy more often, but don't be too pushy. In conversation with him, carefully find out what traits in a girl he values the most. Try to follow his ideal. Do not forget to monitor their appearance and figure, it is unlikely the guy will start to feel to you something more, if not under the constant impression of your beauty.
Get together as many positive emotions and impressions. For example, you can go along on a journey to an exotic country or fly on a hang glider. Find a hobby that would be like you both. All this will help you a stronger bond, and the guy will start to feel you have deeper feelings.
Behave not as a friend but as a girl of your young person. Often say words of sympathy, do not hesitate to hug and kiss the guy. Tactile contact is very important in relationships and also helps to bond. In addition, it is necessary to spend a romantic date. Hint guy, what do you like flowers, so he also knew how to make you happy.
Don't be too available, let the little guy will fight for you. For example, hint that you like a young man and just don't know where to go from fans. The fear of losing you can make a difference in the thinking guy, and he realizes that can not live without you.
Try not to expect a young person regular gifts and purchases, treat with understanding to its financial position. Too demanding girls gradually alienate his behavior. Be modest and do not forget from time to time to buy the guy something nice.
Hint to the young man that want more from your relationship. For example, swipe the date in the place where you meet, or send him by mail a love letter. The most daring girls can be the first to confess his love. If a guy can not understand their feelings, so he will finally understand that you also mean a lot to him.