When to trim a Lily

As soon as the lilies fade, many gardeners have a desire to trim the stems of these colors at the root, however, this is unnecessary. The thing is that lilies, in contrast, for example, tulips, the ground part does not die after flowering, but continues to store nutrients and supply them to the bulbs. All you need to do once the flowers Bud, is to cut bolls. And in the month of September, when the stems will die, they need to be cut about 12-15 cm from the bulb.

In that case, if you are going to do a bouquet of lilies, cutting the lilies, choose those that have five buds (bulbs of these flowers are usually large, it will be easier to recover).

Do I need to dig up the lilies

It should be noted that not all varieties of lilies are able to survive the harsh Russian frosts, so wondering about the digging up of bulbs, the first thing you should check your specific variety recommendations, cultivation and storage. If you have friends engaged in growing lilies, you can ask them whether they dig the bulbs in the fall (because in different regions and approach to farming. For example, in some regions of Russia, where winters are fairly mild, lilies don't dig, but only the sheltering leaves, straw. If you fear for the safety of lilies, it is best postrequires and dig up the bulbs, then place them in storage either in the basement or in the refrigerator (any cool, dark place).

How to dig lilies in the fall

- take a shovel and gently podkonice Lily bulbs, remove them from the land;

- shake off the bulbs the ground, trying not to damage the bulbs themselves;

- check the bulbs for damage, and if not, then rinse the onions in cold water;

- disinfect the bulbs in a solution of potassium permanganate, dry in the shade;

- place them in storage.